FUJI GAKKI ピアノ買取・ピアノ販売(中古ピアノ買取・中古ピアノ販売)の富士楽器:Japanese

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Company Overview

Company Name
  Fuji Gakki Co., Ltd.
  B1F Arai Bldg., 10-13 Minamiikebukuro 1-Chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0022 JAPAN
Managing Director
  Atsushi Shiomi
  January 1982
Capital Stock
  JPY 10 million
  Wholesale/retail distribution of musical instruments Piano export
  Yamaha, Kawai, Individuals
  Retailers and individuals in the United States, Australia,
Southeast Asia and Europe
Main Banks
  The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  Curio Dealer No. 305579702010 Tokyo Public Security Commission Issued June 29, 1997 / Curio Dealer No. 452600007623 Kanagawa Public Security Commission Issued March 30, 2011

Corporate History

January 1982 The founder opens an independent dealership of musical instruments at the previous location
February 1983 The company is established with capital stock of \2 million under the previous
February 1983 The first Kawai Music School opens in Fujimidai
February 1984 Nakamurabashi School opens
February 1987 Arai-Yakushi School opens
June 1989 The company starts trading used pianos
September 1992 The company airs its first TV commercial promoting used piano business on TV Tokyo
January 1993 The first commercial on TBS Television is aired
January 1994 New TV commercials "Bura-Bura" version and "Usso" version are aired
March 1994 The company relocates to the current address and changes its name to Fuji Gakki Co, Ltd.
April 1994 The first commercial on Nippon Television is aired
July 1994 Fuji Gakki begins exporting used pianos overseas
February 1995 Capital stock is increased to JPY 3 million
August 1995 The first commercial on Fuji Television is aired
October 1995 The first commercial on TV Asahi is aired
March 1996 The first radio commercials are aired on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Nippon Broadcasting System
March 1997 TV commercials are aired in Kansai and Chubu areas
February 2002 The company moves its pianos to the warehouse in Shonan (capacity: 800 pianos)
November 2004 The Fuji Gakki website is renewed
December 2004 The song" Letter "that Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki sings is aired on TV commercials
March 2005 The song" Door of memories "that Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki sings is aired on TV commercials
June 2005 Start of sale to each country of the piano which was repaired at the factory of Vietnam
August 2005 Company name modification to Fuji Gakki Co.,Ltd.
October 2005 The song" Voice of mind "that Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki sings is aired on TV commercials
October 2005 Sales of piano by the internet begin
February 2006 Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki 's CD album " Natural " is released
April 2006 Head office moves
May 2006 Ikebukuro showroom opens
October 2006 The song" Only your voice "that Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki sings is aired on TV commercials
April 2007 start to broadcast at BS FUJI
April 2008 The song" Sakura~cherry blossom~ "that Ms.Hiromi Iwasaki sings is aired on TV commercials